Payment and Financial Aid

Information on Payment Information, Financial Aid, and Scholarships to the UGA ADPR China Study Abroad Program.

Payment information

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The Bursar’s Office will bill you for the $300 down payment. If you are accepted, the down payment is applied to your total program cost. If you are not accepted, the down payment is refunded to you. If you withdraw from the ADPR China Program after being accepted your $300 will not be refunded. The program fee for the China Study Abroad program was $4499 USD in 2016. This amount is likely to change for 2017 depending on the number of participants on the program. Participants will also register and pay for 3-hours of academic credit. The estimated costs of tuition and course fees were $1071 USD in 2016 (updated information will be provided when available). Non-UGA students are also responsible for a $250 USD fee. All fees will be billed to your UGA account pending acceptance into the program. Also, a $175 USD fee for visa processing will be charged for all students who need a visa to visit China.

Financial aid information
HOPE scholarship applies to tuition for UGA students. Note that changes in the HOPE scholarship mean that HOPE no longer covers 100% of tuition. Check with the University of Georgia Financial Aid Office for details on financial aid. (HOPE Scholarship money is not available until 10 days before the start of each term.) The Georgia State Board of Regents, UGA, and other entities also offers some scholarships for Study Abroad Programs; to apply, visit the website and download the form(s), and submit. Students from other universities may check with their home institutions for similar financial aid opportunities. It is each student’s responsibility to go to his/her Financial Aid Office to notify them that you are doing the ADPR China Study Abroad Program. This enables your Financial Aid Office to then start the paperwork necessary for your scholarships and/or financial aid to be transferred to the University of Georgia.

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Scholarship information

Scholarships may be available. To apply, visit the UGA Office of International Education website at Students from other universities should check with their home institutions for similar scholarship opportunities.